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Millions of people around the world suffer from arthritis. In Australia alone 1 in every 5 adults has been diagnosed with arthritis. However, despite the condition being common especially in order adults there is still very little known about it. In the majority of cases doctors will prescribe NSAIDs in order to relive inflammation and pain but these drugs have a number of adverse affects associated with them which make them dangerous if used for an extended period of time. Some patients have even experienced liver damage owing to extended use of NSAIDs.

Joint Pain TreatmentWhat is Provailen and how can it help?

Provailen known to be a 100% natural supplement which is supercharged with reishi mushroom more commonly called gandoderma. This is probably one of the magic ingredients in this medicine according to our findings since it is as powerful a typical 5mg hydrocortisone dose (it is a powerful artificial hormone which is used to treat autoimmune diseases with few side effects). The reishi added to the medication increases the number of macrophages which in turn means that they boost the body’s overall immune system. These macrophages are a small group of immune cells which destroy / eat bacteria, viruses and dead cells. This is why it effectively reduces inflammation which is a known case of arthritic pain. But Provailen is not only a reishi supplement but can be considered a sort of 3 in 1 joint and arthritis formula.

The other two major ingredients included are:

Capsaicin Extract: This ingredient works to reduce body fat and also increases blood flow especially to the small blood vessels so that they become stronger.

Long Jack: This ingredient increases a body’s muscle tone which reduces the load that your joints have to bare.

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So, does it work?

Joint pain sufferers from across Australia have taken Provailen supplement and reported the following benefits:

  • The majority of our test subjects began to feel the effects of the supplement in 7 days.
  • After a month all our test subjects reported that they felt no pain but rather their joints felt more flexible.
  • No more grinding joints were reported even from people whose primary complain was grinding joints.
  • None of our test subjects reported adverse effects.

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The recommended dosage is to take 1 pill per day for at least 6 weeks to see sustained benefit of joint pain relief.


The supplement is not cheap though, costing $65.85 for just a month’s supply is pretty steep. But when you compare it to other more artificial alternatives around this is definitely a better option. We strongly recommend that you first purchase a month’s worth of this supplement, use it regularly for a month prior to committing to a bigger package which will also help you get a bigger discount.

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** We also strongly advise that you consult your doctor especially if you have some other underlying condition for which you are currently taking medication for just so that there are no conflicts.**